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In early 2018, Pewpols founder Niall travelled to Oyonnax in France to begin working on collection one.


Oyonnax is an hour by train and car from Geneva. The workshop is located in an unassuming building overlooking the town. Only a handful of people work here, and the rooms are set up to allow skilled men and women work on specialised tasks such as prototyping, cutting, polishing and assembling.


It takes up to one year to produce a new Pewpols collection. Many weeks are spent selecting acetates in Paris and Italy, and later, prototyping takes place in the workshop to approve new designs. 

Once the final designs are agreed, acetate sheets are shipped to the factory from Italy, and individual components are sorted in Ireland and sent directly to Oyonnax for assembly. 

Checking in

We travel back and forth from France once a year, and throughout the production process regularly communicate back and forth with our atelier, approving various aspects of the collection. Designing and producing eyewear is an involved process, that requires time and patience from beginning to end. 


One of the final stages of pre-production is selecting lenses. We source our lenses from a supplier in Chassal-Molinges, only a short drive from Oyonnax. The lenses are produced in Italy from high-quality materials and include Anti-reflective coating on the back side of every piece. Each lens is examined for balance and form before it is cut towards the final stages of production. 


Made in France

Generations of men and women in Oyonnax have made a living in manufacturing acetate products such as combs and spectacles. The industry is truly intertwined with the history and identity of this small French town.


When it comes to eyewear production, in our opinion, the French seem to truly understand quality, design, and workmanship. This is evident in the finish of each frame, as their cutting, tumbling, and polishing techniques yield some of the most vibrant, unique frames in the world.


There is nothing quite like French eyewear, and we knew it was imperative to manufacture our collection in no place other than France.

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