Pewpols is a luxury optical and sunglasses brand based on the south east coast of Ireland. Made in limited quantities and of the finest Italian acetate, our eyewear is produced to the highest standards of quality in Oyonnax, France.


Pewpols’ offerings are handcrafted by a team of 11 highly skilled artisans in a small, family run factory in Oyonnax, a small town in the east of France. Our manufacturing partner has a long history of working with acetate and truly understands the intricacy and nuance of producing luxury eyewear. Working with a small atelier allows us to produce limited runs of colours and styles, with our catalogue constantly evolving to remain exclusive and focused on creating truely collectable eyewear. 


Our glasses are stocked by a variety of boutique opticians and small retailers around that globe that resonate with Pewpols’ dedication to unique design and quality. We believe that it is essential for customers to physically experience our frames to fully understand the workmanship and subtle detailing that goes into each and every frame. 


The brand itself was founded by Irish born Niall David O'Sullivan, a passionate vintage eyewear collector that has been avidly researching and collecting for over 15 years. Pewpols is the culmination of Niall’s knowledge and expertise in the realm of vintage glasses.

As a native of Ireland, he mentions that the country is not known for its eyewear, and it is his primary goal to be part of a movement that puts Irish eyewear on the map. Summing up his drive and mission, O’Sullivan notes that “I am incredibly passionate about eyewear, and I want to work with people both at home and overseas who share my passion for this industry.”


For centuries, Ireland has been a center for the design and production of iconic items such Aran jumpers and handcrafted glassware, jewelry, fabrics, and blankets.


Ireland is deeply intertwined with Pewpols’ identity and products. In fact, in the arms of every Pewpols frame, the wire core features an engraved Herringbone design that references the Herringbone pattern commonly found in traditional Irish tweeds. 


Pewpols is proudly based in Gorey on the south east coast of Ireland. Gorey is a small, vibrant town known for its food, tourist attractions, and wealth of small businesses. Inhabited by a mix of locals who were born and bred in the town and people from cities who moved to enjoy the culture, beautiful coastlines, and mountain ranges at our doorstep, Gorey is the perfect place to call home.


All Pewpols eyewear is proudly handcrafted in the east of France from the finest Italian acetate. Using high quality acetate allows us to offer a product that has an extremely fine tactile character that will truly withstand the test of time.


In late 2017, we partnered with a small manufacturer in Oyonnax after a long search to find a production partner receptive to our highly detailed, specialized design requests. It was also of utmost importance to find a manufacturer that could produce eyewear according to our high standard of quality, and we were beyond pleased to find a partner that could do so with such fine attention to detail and workmanship.  


Employing only 11 highly skilled artisans, our manufacturer is a family run business in a town that has worked with acetate for over 100 years. Generations of people in Oyonnax have made a living in manufacturing acetate products such as combs and spectacles, and the industry is truly intertwined with the history and identity of this small French town.


When it comes to eyewear production, in our opinion, the French seem to truly understand quality, design, and workmanship. This is evident in the finish of each frame, as their cutting, tumbling, and polishing techniques yield some of the most vibrant, unique frames that are available on the market.


There is nothing quite like French eyewear, and we knew it was imperative to manufacture our designs in no place other than France.

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