Damian Munoz pictured in Arinn havana. 


Pewpols founder Niall David OSullivan speaks to Damian Munoz from Point of References.

How did Point of References come about? What was your inspiration behind starting a photo blog? 


Point of References is one of my outlets for expressing and sharing my love of cultural building blocks such as fashion, art, and design.


A large part of Point of References is dedicated to sharing and exploring unique style that I capture on the streets in my travels.


When you take a walk in a city, every single outfit that you see is the result of some sort of stylistic decision. Because the streets are a platform to see these stylistic decisions materialized, they are truly a source of endless inspiration. 


Ultimately, in my experience, I have found that clothing often reflects its wearer’s unique personality, and I am really interested in exploring this relationship. 


Pictured: Akief sheriff wearing Beit in tiger havana. Photo by Point of References. 

"no matter where you are from, you can draw references from anything and everything to “construct” your style, look, wardrobe, etc." 

You have travelled to quite a few cities around the globe, including New York, Paris, London and Beijing. What are the major differences you notice in street style between each of these cities?


It would be impossible to create a dichotomy to classify what piece or style “fits in” with a certain city.


If I were to mention London’s style, for example, it’s easy to picture a gentleman in an exquisitely tailored tweed suit; however, this is only a small slice in the overall style of London which is home to countless aesthetics and styles.


This, however, is what makes personal style such an interesting subject to explore – no matter where you are from, you can draw references from anything and everything to “construct” your style, look, wardrobe, etc. 


That being said, there are certainly a great deal of unifying details and nuances that give each respective city its overall stylistic essence. 


Are there any cities you really want to visit over the coming years? 


I have been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few cities around the globe already, but my travels are only beginning. This is a really tough question, because each and every country has its own unique appeal, culture, and style. 

Ivan pictured in Arinn havana. 

That being said, I would particularly like to visit Japan, Italy, a variety of countries in South American, Africa, and the Middle East. I would also particularly like to revisit London, Seoul, and Paris. 


Who are your fashion heroes and describe your personal style?


A few that stand out to me are James Dean, The Beatles, Paul Newman, Alain Delon, David Bowie, Hiroki Nakamura (the founder of Japanese label Visvim), and John Mayer. 


In addition, a few images of artists of the 20th century including Andy Warhol and Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi stick out to me.


In terms of my own personal style, I enjoy amalgamating references from a number of icons, movements, and subcultures into one cohesive wardrobe. 


For example, I am interested in a wide range of reference points such as mod, rocker, and punk subcultures, traditional, ivy league, and Americana styles, and also categories such as Japanese streetwear and designer/high fashion. 

We crossed paths over a mutual love of eyewear and you already have quite a few Pewpols spectacles in your collection. What do you like about our brand and what do you think differentiates our frames from others you have owned in the past?


When it comes to anything, in this case, eyewear, it’s hard to beat the classics. This is why I really admire Pewpols take on iconic, vintage eyewear designs. With Pewpols’s work, there is a clear respect for and admiration of these classic designs. At the same time, the brand delivers a refreshing take on these vintage designs and offers subtle design tweaks and optimizations in material and the mechanical aspect of the frame. 


What other brands do you like to wear? 


First and foremost, I love pieces that are built to withstand years and years of use – this allows the pieces to acquire a unique character over time. Pieces that you wear for years and years feel like an old friend and they subsequently become intimately tied to memory and experience.


In terms of specific brands, I have a few favorites including APC, Acne Studios, Saint Laurent Paris (under Hedi Slimane’s direction), and Common Projects. I also love vintage pieces and one-off pieces from smaller brands.


I am also a huge fan of Japanese brands including Visvim and Needles – in both cases, I admire how these brands draw from the vernacular of traditional menswear but add a unique twist to each piece. 


When you are not out taking pictures for Point of References what keeps you busy during the day?


In addition to shooting for Point of References and curating the website, I keep busy with a wide variety of photography/writing projects and gigs. In addition, I have a voracious appetite when it comes to learning more about art, fashion, and design, so I am constantly visiting museums and galleries and reading about the aforementioned.  

I am also an avid musician and music lover, so I am always playing or in the midst of a deep dive into an artist’s catalogue. 

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